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Steve Harper, a former Kirkland & Ellis partner who is now an acclaimed author, columnist and professor at Northwestern University’s School of Law as well as its undergraduate school, treads where many are a tad reluctant to go: Professor Harper provides a detailed independent analysis of what went wrong at Howrey. Professor Harper’s three posts on the subject (this post contains links to his earlier pieces) provides the most thoughtful analysis of the Howrey implosion. Interesting and compelling reading. Harper provides important insights, but also cautionary lessons to be learned.

My latest “Commendable Comments” award goes to a non-lawyer, the Washington Post‘s Pulitzer prize-winning columnist Steven Pearlstein. Since I started my blog a year ago, two of my most popular articles have been “Howrey’s Lessons” and “Howrey’s Lessons — Part II.” Versions recently ran on Am Law Daily, where they also attracted widespread attention. I don’t know if Pearlstein was among the thousands who saw my analysis of Howrey’s end and its r … Read More

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  1. […] starting point might be the recent tragic failure of Howrey. In his post-mortem study of Howrey’s failure, Professor Steve Harper catalogued the numerous ambiguous and inconsistent public pronouncements of […]

  2. […] “creative” modified cash basis accounting practices could be headed towards zero.  The Howrey LLP  bankruptcy is probably the wake up call.  Why?  Because the typical approach of lending, say 60 percent of […]

  3. […] doors, often with disastrous consequence to the firm’s individual partners, include the splashy Howrey implosion, Florida based Yoss, LLP as well as Ruden McCloskey (which didn’t quite go down […]

  4. […] (he or she wasn’t any good, he or she was overpaid and goodbye to bad rubbish and the like).  We have seen the management of one law firm announce during the fall of 2010 that a rash of partner … (read: we got them just where we want them:  our nose squarely in the jaw of impending implosion […]

  5. […] Herman – with all due respect, I think we need a more comprehensive approach on the media side.  Look, we saw Howrey go down last year.  The leadership there just didn’t appreciate how what they were telling the media helped sink them. […]

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