What Will the Business Model of Law Firms Look Like as We Emerge (very slowly) From The Great Recession?

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The Post-Recession Law Firm Model; New Programs for Associate Compensation; Different Categories of Associates; The Emergence of an Inverted Pyramid Replacing the Traditional Law Firm Pyramid Structure ran an interesting piece yesterday concerning the question of what the business model of the law firm will look like as we slowly emerge from the recession. The article written by noted legal affairs journalist Gina Passarella addresses, among other things, how lawyers will likely be deployed at law firms as well as likely new associate compensation models which will likely emerge.

While the article describes three “castes” of lawyers, what we have not completely discussed in that piece is a perhaps a subset of the middle category, namely,  “interns,” which I previously discussed at  Current press reports show that at least three law firms, Howrey, Fross Zelnick and Gibbons have implemented such systems, with Gibbons paying its intern $48,000 per annum.

Ms. Passarella’s  article is well worth reading.


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