Oh!! The Humanity of it All!!! What Lawyers and Law Firms Have Been Required To Do Get Business From a Client

Have Your Law Firm Clients Made You Jump Through Hoops to Get Their Business?


                                                                                      Jerome Kowalski

                                                                                      Kowalski & Associates

                                                                                      September, 2010

           The American Bar Association Journal Daily Report of today picked up one of our previous posts regarding burdensome 100 page responses to Requests for Proposals that some clients require.

           Rachel Zahorsky, the ABA Journalist went on to say:

 Time-intensive, nerve-racking client beauty pageants have long been a bane of large law firms. But we know corporate clients aren’t the only ones that require potential counsel to jump through outlandish hoops. Whether you are a solo, midsize, BigLaw or boutique practitioner, we want to know, what lengths have you gone to in order to secure a client’s business? And, just as important, was it worth the effort?

              The ABA has invited all practitioners to report on the most challenging hoops clients have required law firms to jump through to land a particular piece of business. 

               You are invited to submit your experiences directly to the ABA at the link above.  You are similarly invited to post your experiences in the comment section below.

               Unlike the ABA, I won’t pick a single winner.  Rather, I only open up the topic as a medium in which lawyers can simply share their own experiences and learn from the tribulations of others.  

              I would also suggest that when you post your comments here, you also reflect on two additional questions:  (1) Was it worth it?  And (2) What lessons did you learn from the experience?

               And then, perhaps if the moons align correctly, I will share with you some of the challenges that my clients,  both during  my quarter century of practicing law or in my two decades of serving the profession as a consultant, have presented to me before engaging my services.

                Since this is a family oriented blog, I will spare you the details of the account one of my former firms maintained with the Mayflower Madam  for clients or similar bawdy instances.

© Jerome Kowalski, September, 2010.  All Rights reserved.


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